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Parking Control Solutions

Consolidated Parking specializes in the distribution, installation and support of advanced access and revenue control systems. We offer complete systems integration along with a full range of products and professional services to meet your specific needs. Our automated gate systems provide complete revenue and access control and tracking with computerized access.

We are conveniently located in the City of Miami and serve the South Florida area along with some installations in the Caribbean and Central America.

We are an authorized distributor for SKIDATA for off-street parking control and access solutions, and Parkeon for Multi-space smart parking meters for on-street parking.

Consolidated Parking's factory trained and tested technicians assure you of proper installation and service.

We offer products in three general categories:

  • Revenue Control for pay for parking situations
  • Parking Control Count Systems
  • Access Control for restrictive usage of parking and building entry

Our automated Security Barrier systems can provide secure access or restrictions for your lot or garage. The gate access systems are designed to fit your company's needs and the revenue control systems allow detailed tracking of all transactions while monitoring the employee and user.

We provide products in these general categories:

  • Commercial / Industrial Gate Systems
  • Parking Control Systems
  • Security Barrier Systems
  • Gate Access Systems
  • Card Readers
Consolidated Parking has created an on-line Service Ticketing System. It will provide you with a direct link to our technicians and allow for tracking your service request.


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  • Please be as descriptive as possible about your issue
  • You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to track your service request.
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Authorized distributor:
SkiData Parkeon US HID Indala